Client: KaBoom!


  • 2017 Core 77 Design Awards - Built Environment

  • 2018 AIA Florida Object of the Year

  • 2018 Architecture Master Prize

  • 2018 CODAawards Top 100 project


The Hangout

  The Hangout focuses on sight, sound, and touch to spark creativity, exploration, and free-choice learning. The Hangout is located in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans a low income community that is still struggling to come back since hurricane Katrina.We were commissioned to do this project through KaBOOM!'s play everywhere challenge. 

  The concept was to create a play space at a location that was used by the community on a daily basis. When working with local community organizations to develop this project we were pointed to Burnell Cotlon a local business owner that created the first grocery store, laundry mat, and barber shop in the community post Katrina. He had an empty concrete lot next to his building that was the kids bus stop in the morning that we were able to place the playable installation permanently. 

  The playable environment uses touch sensor technology to trigger sounds when one touches the tops of the cylinders. At night the installation illuminates the block with sequenced lighting, The space was designed as a place for the community to gather and simply hangout.