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The Urban Pixels was an interactive installation done for Lights on Tampa. Lights on Tampa is a biannual interactive festival with 7 selected artists from all over the country. We were lucky enough to be selected to create an installation for this event. The Urban Pixels are tetrahedrons that light up and can magnetically attach to one another. When connected they begin to engage with one another and change colors. The idea is to create a toy to make a toy and allow for endless creativity and exploration with the piece. People create anything from urban furniture to monsters. 

The Urban Conga teamed up with the Tampa Bay Rays to create two playful environments in Tropicana Field. The first was a 118’ musical wall that wrapped through the stadium ranging from musical benches to musical bat marimbas on the wall. The form of the musical wall was created off the wave lengths of the baseball classic “Take me out to the ball game.” The unique flow and from helped create a constant playful flow through the stadium. Each of the bats that hung from this form were tuned to a specific note and able to be played with hanging mallets. The other section was titled “Create your own Mascot” and in this area users were able to build a giant 3-dimensional puzzle that created some of the mascots of the Rays organization. 

Check out the video below to see more on how this project was created!

"Why sit when you can play" our musical bench system was custom designed for the City of  Fort Lauderdale River walk. In this designed we wanted to not only activate the space through music, but to provide seating to view the water as well as a map system incorporated into the design.  This musical bench is a platform for play along the river walk. 


We created a custom installation at the annual Gasparilla Festival of the arts. This installation allowed people viewing artwork to step away and express their artistic abilities in a child like manner. Creating an all white living room scene with a surplus of paint, markers, and spray paint to allow people to relate back to that child like freedom of creativity and exploration. 


This project was a 40' sculptural wall that slowly reveals the festival upon entry for SFX entertainment's Sunset Music Festival. This wall was not only about being an iconic gesture guiding one into the festival, but a way for festival goers to leave their mark in a playful way on the festival. During the day the wall was painted and drawn on and at night the wall lit up revealing the pixel image that laid behind. The image was the logo of the festival and the lights began to pulse with the music.