Client: City of Tampa


  • 2014 Tampa AIA Artisan Award

  • 2018 Architizer People’s Choice A+Award

  • 2018 Architizer Jury A+Award


Pong in the Park

  Pong in the Park is a project we did to activate public spaces in downtown Tampa through the game of ping pong. Tampa is nine to five city with very little street activation. So we wanted to create an idea to bring people together in the great public spaces that already existed within the city infrastructure. In order to accomplish this the idea of creating a unique modern ping pong table came to mind. The tables are not only fun to play, but provide an iconic gesture in the park.

  We also came up with the concept to implement our paddles and balls program to help effect the cities local economics. With the paddles and balls program we provide local businesses with paddles and balls to provide for the tables. The concept is to not only provide paddles and balls, but to get people into the local businesses.