Client: Tampa Bay Rays

Awards: 2015 Tampa AIA Artisan Award



  This project was commissioned by the major league baseball Tampa Bay Rays. The concept was to create a space within the baseball stadium that created a unique opportunity for visitors to create, inspire, and explore through play. We wanted to create a playable environment that related to the game of baseball. So we designed a 118' musical wall that allowed visitors to play tuned wooden bats like a vertical marimba. We also included other musical sections that related to different mascots for the team.

  The musical sections wrapped through the stadium attached to an undulating structure. This structure was created using the wave lengths of the baseball classic "Take me out to the ball game." All of the musical bats and benches throughout the spaces are color coded, and above them are song one can play with attached mallets based off the color code system. This was a fun playable environment that allowed visitors to have a unique experience they will remember forever!