"Why sit when you can play" is a about creating a memorable experience of communal play in an underutilized space. Our benches are created custom for each location bringing a unique experience each time one encounters them. The designs come in both steel and wood, but the wood designs are strictly for indoor spaces. The benches are designed to provoke activity and interaction through music, play and free-choice learning. The public bench is an object that has existed in public space for decades, but they have slowly lost their use of creating a communal gathering spot. So we wanted to use unique design and music to bring life back to the public park bench. Anyone can play the benches and there is no musical knowledge necessary in order to enjoy them. The analog element of having to actually hit the bench is what really gets people to step away from their phones and interact with one another in a space. 

This musical seating is based around the idea of getting people to engage with one another through music and collaboration. The musical benches are custom made, and can be manipulated in size and form to fit a certain location. The bench is set up like a marimba where each bar has its own note and is hand tuned in a specific octave. The notes are based on a color code system to help the users learn how to play music through color rather than notes. The benches are designed and built in segments allowing for fast installation and easy fixes. The mallets are attached to the bench with a rubber coated steel cord to keep them from disappearing. The benches can have a variety of designs ranging from one's with signage, designs with no music but just playful forms, and even benches with multiple musical elements. This bench is a fun interactive way to create activity in a space instead of just having a normal static bench. Why not make your benches playable?

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