Pong in the park is about creating communal activity in spaces through the game of ping pong. The concept is to bring people together in a space through play. Ping-pong is a simple game that many people know how to play and enjoy playing. Ping pong is a great game to hold a conversation over because it's a casual game that doesn't involve a lot of focus. The tables not only create activity through play butbecome a spectacle for people passing by or standing around to converse over. For our tables that we implement in the public realm we don't want them to take away from local business but to add to the businesses through our Paddles and Balls program. This program allows local businesses to carry provided paddles and balls that a person can rent with a driver's license. Not only does this program then provide paddles and balls to visitors, but gets people into the local businesses. 


Our public ping pong tables are completely customized in color and the graphics that are cut into the table. The tables are made of complete steel and then powder coated with a UV resistant coating giving it strong durability for public use. The unique form allows for a solid iconic look as if the table was emerging from the ground. The form has rounded edges for safety and the design also allows one to even pull up chairs and use it as a regular table if needed. Create your custom table today for a public park, business, restaurant, or even personal use.

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